I use ebates for everything from hotels to Amazon order. I get about 4-5$ back on my purchases per month, depending on how strategic I am about it. It's nice to 

Ebates Shopping Tips and Tricks. So if you are already using Ebates or you just signed up, then these tips are going to help you save even more money! Who doesn’t want more savings?! #1 Download the Ebates App. If you like shopping online from your phone, then the Ebates app will be perfect for you! The Ebates app will notify you of the 24/06/2018 20/02/2019 Ebates Review: 7 Ways to Get Extra Cash How would you like to earn extra cash on things that you already buy? Sounds like a win-win situation. You can earn some extra cash from Ebates by using their affiliate links within their site when making purchases. And best of all, it is free. So, you have nothing to lose. You were going to make those purchases anyway; therefore, get extra cash from


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Simply fill out Ebates sign up form and you are signed up! 2. What is Ebates? Ebates is a free to download and use phone app that requires you with cash back when you shop with their many partner companies. Ebates is pretty much a middle man between companies and customers. Ebates rewards you with cash back for shopping with their 1000’s of Ebates now has the ability to pay some members nearly a month early. A selected group of Ebates members were recently allowed to claim their funds on October 16th instead of waiting until November 15th. This new feature is called Fast Cash. In Joe's case, we offered him an extra $1.00 to try the early payment. He declined. So he will be paid, as usual, via Paypal on November 15th. Our payment Ebates is a simple to use online cash back website, that rewards you for shopping through their links. It doesn’t cost you a thing to use Ebates to make purchases. While getting a 1-6% cash back seems minuscule, if you’re a big shopper, the amount adds up overtime. The best thing about Ebates is that it doesn’t consume your time, other than the time you would spend shopping anyway Ebates.com is a rewards website where members can earn up to 25% cash back on their online purchases at over 1,200 online stores without having to redeem points, mail in forms, or pay membership fees. Rewards websites like Ebates earn a commission when you purchase an item from one of their partner stores. In turn, they pay part of that commission to you to ensure you continue shopping …